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Case Studies

Game Changing SEO Results

CRO That Makes Websites Work

Every Site Bottleneck Exposed

Small Changes, Big Revenue

PPC Best Practices In Action

Smart Execution, Tight Target

  • Game Changing SEO Results

    Game Changing SEO Results

  • CRO That Makes Websites Work

    CRO That Makes Websites Work

  • Every Site Bottleneck Exposed

    Every Site Bottleneck Exposed

  • Small Changes, Big Revenue

    Small Changes, Big Revenue

  • PPC Best Practices In Action

    PPC Best Practices In Action

  • Smart Execution, Tight Target

    Smart Execution, Tight Target


Tim Spell – NonprofitCMS

nullAfter personally interviewing and speaking with a group 8 SEO consultants, we decided to go with Jeff. As a business owner with a SEO and SEM background, I looking for someone who really knew his stuff, that could help take us to the next level and someone we could have a long term relationship with. Jeff moved us from the bottom of the first page to the #1 position in google for numerous keywords. We’ve grown our business, been able to hire a full staff and turn into a “grown up company” all because of the work Jeff has done for us. We now use Jeff as a “trusted adviser” as we look to expand into more niche markets. I can’t recommend him enough.

Brooks O’Kane – O’Kane Sourcing

nullJeff impressed me right off the bat with his SEO acumen and his very professional customer service and attention to detail. He knows what he’s doing…. he tells you what and when he will do something…and then he actually does it. I have experienced an increase of quality leads as a result of his work on my website, and I would not hesitate to strongly recommend his services to anyone….(except maybe a competitor!)

Kristen Sarkarati – Blue Skies Consulting

nullI am a marketing consultant and have worked remotely with Jeff on several client projects. He was introduced to me through a mutual colleague, and I was immediately impressed with his willingness to learn about a new industry (in this case, legal services) and get quickly up to speed on the SEO best practices that were specific to that industry. Most importantly, the clients saw results in terms of their website goals. Jeff is a pleasure to work with in every way – professional, smart, timely and innovative. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of SEO services.

Kunal Johar – Vofficeware, AwardsCMS

nullWorking with Jeff has been eye-opening. His work goes well beyond “best practices checklists” and providing canned reporting. He brings marketing strategy to the table and has become an integral part to the success of our organization. His reports provide actionable intelligence and he holds our feet to the fire to enact his suggestions. The results have shown for themselves as we continue to grow and expand our operations.

Eileen Lonergan – Web Designer

nullJeff is a pleasure to work with on all levels. He is knowledgable, both on what is current within the industry and what is actually working well for clients. I find Jeff to be very honest, organized and thoughtful. We have collaborated on many projects and I can sincerely recommend him as a trusted resource and a man who delivers on a project.

Don Campbell, President – Expand2Web.com

nullI’ve worked with Jeff on many projects – he delivers top-notch results and is great to work with. Even though Jeff and I work on different ends of the country this doesn’t create a problem. He is able to clearly document his work and deliver screencast updates that helped me understand exactly what was being completed, and what is next around the corner for our projects. I highly recommend Jeff, and plan to continue working with him too.

St. Andrew’s Nursery School and Kindergarten

nullWe are a low tech office with no experience in creating a web site. Jeff came to the rescue, creating a professional, user-friendly site. Jeff listened to our needs and worked with us to create an attractive web site through which our parents can easily navigate. We are consistently complimented on our website. Immediately after the site was up and running, we saw an increase in parents requesting information and therefore, an increase in student enrollment. Jeff also provides us with easy to read monthly traffic summaries which have been a big help in marketing the school. We definitely made the right choice by contracting with him.

Russ Wood – Integrity Resources

nullMy client had previously been running their own Adwords Campaign and had a substantial monthly spend but were not able to achieve the results and conversions they were looking for. I brought Jeff in on the project and within the first month he was able to determine more relevant keywords for each campaign, structured the ads to the keywords and improved conversions while maintaining the same ad spend. Jeff is a pleasure to work with and is passionate about helping the client achieve the best possible results in their market place.

Micheal Heald – eClinicMD.com

nullWe have been through our share of Internet marketing consultants over the past couple years, trying to find the right fit for our company. We were introduced to Jeff, and we could not be happier. Our search is over. Jeff has put some Internet strategies in place for us and increased our efficiencies with existing strategies. He pays very close attention to detail and is great at analyzing results of a campaign, which has allowed us to keep driving down our marketing costs while increasing traffic to our site. We are so please with Jeff that we are starting to engage Jeff in more projects and look forward to this long-term relationship.


nullJeff knew just the right strings to pull and take our travel website about Washington DC metro stations from being a site that had virtually no revenue potential to one that is growing and beginning to blossom like we though it would. Within a year we were able to have the confidence to launch a sister site this year on San Francisco Bart hotels called HotelsNearBart.com and since we have been able to launch three additional sites HotelsNearMARTA.com, HotelsOutsideofBoston.com, and NJHotelsNearNYC.com about

About Me

Why Hire Me

Does this scenario sound familiar? We hired someone to design a new website, it took forever and our business did not increase. We hired someone to help with Facebook and got nothing in return. We hired an SEO, a few keyword ranking improved, but nothing happened to our revenue.

90% of the time my clients have had a bad experience with a previous vendor. This happened because they failed to find someone who truly took responsibility for their website success. Instead they hired a handful of vendors who offered canned services and were left to figure out what works on their own. Vendors like this double your problems because they waste time and money, worse the relationship often ends poorly adding stress.

My clients don’t have these problems. They understand internet marketing is not a commodity, and it makes or breaks a business today. The best people are the ones who truly have indisputable experience applying a systemic approach to website performance improvement. After six years I am such a person, and my clients have less stress, spend more efficiently and get results that drive their business forward in terms of revenue.

Articles & Speaking

About My Life

I live with my wife Katie who teaches kindergarten. Her day is far more interesting than mine! I am forever digging up new music, and sometimes creating my own. I am a recreational mountain biking enthusiast, and skier. At 29 I am very fortunate to have found a career that I love and have a knack for. I reside in Arlington, VA for most of the year.

Tactical Steps Toward Big Goals

I’ve always worked in entrepreneurial settings that demand creativity, efficiency and attention to achieving results that make a big impact. By working in these environments I have been able to demonstrate that I can keep the bigger picture in-mind while applying tactical knowledge to break down problems into manageable steps. This dynamic is important for anyone about to hire an internet marketing consultant. Your website consultant must understand your business first, and then deliver a plan that meshes with your capabilities.

Career Timeline

  • 2006: Graduated Penn State Marketing
  • 06 – 08: Founded: Academic Explorer
  • 06 – 07: Part-time With CollegeGrad.com
  • 07 – 08: SEO Associate at Elliance.com
  • 08 – Present: Working With Adoptapet.com
  • 09 – Present: Independent Consultant

Why to Avoid Big Agencies

Having spent time working at a marketing agency I can help you understand where your money goes. It goes to pay for an expensive office space, it goes to pay for expensive trips to land new clients, it goes down the drain while co-workers rack up meeting after meeting deciding on the future of the agency, who owns what projects, and grabs for opinions and authority. Does this help you? No.

My price point is vastly under the cost of most large agencies, and that is because I don’t have the hidden costs described above. Most of the time a larger agency is going to pass down your project down to someone else who isn’t paid nearly as much as you’re paying the agency. That person therefore never feels the true responsibility of performing at the level which they are compensated. That is the number one reason I don’t recommend hiring an agency, and why I suggest first looking into an independent consultant.


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