Some Call it Inbound Marketing, others Growth Hacking, I'm a Digital Marketing Professional.

Google Adwords, Shopping, Remarketing Google Adwords, Shopping, Remarketing

Google Adwords, Google Shopping and Remarketing are invaluable tools to quickly promote your business. Finding a sustainable spend in these channels is the hard part, and where I’ve helped countless organizations control costs.

Google Analytics Google Analytics

I’ve helped websites small and large (up to 40 million pageviews per month) leverage GA to pinpoint conversion breakdowns, sculpt KPI dashboards, understand marketing attribution & translate a website’s performance to high level executives. I am Google Analytics certified, I have passed the GA IQ exam.


The world of SEO has changed dramatically since 8 years ago when I started optimizing websites. Now a veteran in the industry I’m able to quickly debunk SEO myths and help companies holistically approach a steady and profitable relationship with Google organic results.

Conversion Optimization (UX) Conversion Optimization (UX)

I’ve seen organizations waste thousands of dollars when it comes to trying to improve conversions and create a better UX. This complex tasks demands prioritization and a test first mentality. Successful groups are metric driven and iterate starting with the low hanging fruit.

Content Marketing Content Marketing

At the heart of organic search, social media, newsletters, email marketing, webinars, and press releases is quality content. Understanding how to approach content creation and bring it to market is the major challenge for most organizations.

Marketing Strategy Processes & Competitive Intelligence Marketing Strategy Processes & Competitive Intelligence

There are dead simple tools to uncover what drives a competitor’s traffic. Equally dead simple are processes to control marketing costs by visualizing spends and being routine oriented toward marketing planning. Are you on the “feel good” marketing plan instead?


What past clients and employers are saying about my work.

  • Brooks O’Kane –

    Jeff impressed me right off the bat with his SEO acumen and his very professional customer service and attention to detail. He knows what he’s doing…. he tells you what and when he will do something…and then he actually does it. I have experienced an increase of quality leads as a result of his work on my website, and I would not hesitate to strongly recommend his services to anyone….(except maybe a competitor!)

    - Brooks O’Kane –
  • Kunal Johar –

    Working with Jeff has been eye-opening. His work goes well beyond “best practices checklists” and providing canned reporting. He brings marketing strategy to the table and has become an integral part to the success of our organization. His reports provide actionable intelligence and he holds our feet to the fire to enact his suggestions. The results have shown for themselves as we continue to grow and expand our operations.

    - Kunal Johar –
  • Tim Spell –

    After personally interviewing and speaking with a group 8 SEO consultants, we decided to go with Jeff. As a business owner with a SEO and SEM background, I looking for someone who really knew his stuff, that could help take us to the next level and someone we could have a long term relationship with. Jeff moved us from the bottom of the first page to the #1 position in google for numerous keywords. We’ve grown our business, been able to hire a full staff and turn into a “grown up company” all because of the work Jeff has done for us. We now use Jeff as a “trusted adviser” as we look to expand into more niche markets. I can’t recommend him enough.

    - Tim Spell –
  • Sean Lambert –

    Our investment in Jeff has paid us 4X over. During 2013 our sales were dropping and we second guessed all our marketing efforts. Jeff debunked several myths, organized our marketing process and set us on a better path. For several years we had thrown thousands of dollars into Google Adwords thinking it was working all along. Jeff immediately found 50% of our Adwords spend was wasteful. He then replaced our Adwords traffic with free search engine traffic by writing several highly optimized articles. This saved our company tens of thousands of dollars and produced sales. We are happy to report sales are rebounding in 2015 due to several pieces of advice relayed to us by Jeff’s analysis of the our marketing needs.

    - Sean Lambert –
  • David Meyer –

    I hired Jeff to work for in 2008. We are a non-profit organization, and at that time, we had never had anyone on staff devoted to SEO or any position of online marketing or analytics. What Jeff accomplished for us over eight years is staggering. Jeff presided over an increase in our traffic of more than 1,000%, largely through a skillful use of SEO. He brought us onto Google Analytics, and various other analytics and user measurement programs. He embraced and enhanced every new initiative, always working collaboratively and making every team he worked with function better. He worked remotely and completely independently, yet kept all of our team completely updated with reports and by leading regular meetings. In terms of ROI, Jeff is the best person our organization ever hired.

    - David Meyer –