About | Jeff Howard

Hi, my name is Jeff Howard. Here is a little bit about me. I’m 31, married to a beautiful, patient, and amazing kindergarten teacher Katie. We have a loving and often incredibly hungry son who is not yet a year old.

Our home is in Pittsburgh and I love biking up and down our hills, especially on mountain bike trails. Throughout the day be assured I’m listening, collecting or creating music.


What Do I Do?

I help marketing teams and business owners increase sales with content marketing.

Can I Help You, or Waste Your Time?

If you’re frustrated for any of the reasons below, then yes I can help.

You’re a director of marketing or business owner frustrated for several reasons. Perhaps your growing tired of an agency or employee because they cannot clearly articulate a marketing process to increase sales. Perhaps you’re drowning in splintered advice about tools and ideas that can grow a website. Right now, you want to find the right advice and get on everyone on the same page.

You’re a marketer, and you understand the power of content marketing, but your boss and organization do not. It’s become imperative you need a third party voice to help articulate a sales focused content marketing strategy. After all, as Mark Cuban says “sales cure all.”

A Quick Story About My Superpower

Why chose me to help with content marketing? After all, I’m another consultant in a sea of others claiming to be marketing gurus. Let me tell you a quick story about my superpower.

At the beginning of senior year of college at Penn State I became the head marketing intern for a startup website. The site called Lionconnection.com was basically a glorified craigslist. The website connected students who wanted to buy and sell books, and most of all football tickets. This is before everyone on campus had Facebook, and before StubHub. Web 2.0 was in its infancy.

The challenge day one of the fall semester was simple. Make a campus full of 40,000 students become aware of our website. By the way, we have little to no money and it needs done ASAP.


So what did I do? Buy chalk and hope it doesn’t rain! Overnight, I went out and wrote “Make Cash Selling Tickets on Lionconnection.com” all across campus sidewalks, and entrances to the main classroom buildings. Penn State probably didn’t like it, but it worked. 10,000 people came to our site in the first football weekend. Our marketing costs were all of about $5.00.

My Superpower

My superpower is resourcefulness. I am able to boil down the big picture and hit on the first steps in order to get results. This is why I have been successful in helping many different organizations carry out an effective content marketing strategy.

My approach always starts with the end in mind. That is always increasing sales. My content strategies are different than best practice checklists, or seo and social media audits. A sales driven approach requires someone who understands many facets of marketing, has experience, and can deploy the tools to make it all work together.

173298096How I Used My Superpower and Content Marketing to Make the World a Better Place.

If you love pets, you’ll love my work with the nonprofit www.adoptapet.com. Here David Meyer President of Adopt-a-Pet.com explains my approach to content marketing that helped two millions pets get a second chance.

Here is What to Do Next

  1. Download “How to Tie Sales Goals to a Content Strategy in Under 10 Minutes.” Use this PDF and in under ten minutes quickly be able to lead a conversation about content marketing by isolating the best and worst tactics. As a BONUS. Get access to my exclusive content marketing workflow visualized into a mind map. This is the process I have used over and over to grow many different websites.
  2. Attend my bi-weekly webinar on content marketing. During the webinar I’ll answer questions, and walk through my process to increasing sales with content marketing. As a BONUS for registering now get instance access to my content marketing checklist. It is jam packed with actionable advice to help jump start your marketing
  3. Spend less than 10 minutes watching my two minute content marketing case study videos. These videos prove that content marketing can drive some big ROI.

Contact Me

814 397 6791, or jeff@jeffmhoward.com